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Welcome to the blog of Assassin Soldier Recordings. What can you expect? We will talk about music in general, the artists of the label, artists and their music we like and support. We will focus on electronic music and will give you our personal thoughts on it.


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Big Record Labels has NO Future!

Big Record Labels has NO Future!

According and take it from Bloomberg and NBC News, It has been a rough month of breakups for the Big Four record companies. First, British rock group Radiohead decided to release its new record as a pay-what-you-wish digital download on Oct. 10, making it clear the quintet intends to avoid any new major record deal. A week later, industrial band Nine Inch Nails declared its emancipation from its former label, Interscope Records. NIN's announcement came less than a month after front man Trent Reznor exhorted fans at a Sydney show to "steal" music to protest high CD prices.

"I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the business radically mutate from one thing to something inherently very different, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate," Reznor wrote on the band's Web site on Oct. 8. "Exciting times, indeed."

Not if you're a record company executive watching sales plummet. Last year, CD sales dropped 13%, to $9.2 billion, according to figures from the Recording Industry Association of America. The slump mirrors overall revenues for the Big Four — Sony/BMG, Universal, Warner, and EMI Group — which have been flat or declining for more than two years.

 One of the casualties is the industry's fundamental economics. A record label used to play an important financial role because it fronted the money to record an album, which could cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now any 14-year-old can pick up a copy of Apple's  Logic Studio for $499 and make respectable recordings. All that's needed are generous parents or a babysitting gig.

Digital is the new paradigm. Who needs a record label to handle marketing and public relations anymore? Musicians can just set up a MySpace page and talk directly with their fans. Record labels used to help court radio stations, too, to get music on the air. Now you can zip MP3 copies of your first single via e-mail to anyone in the world.

Record labels are experimenting with new approaches, too. Part of Bronfman's new strategy will be to expand revenue sources with musicians so that record sales are but one part of a pie incorporating more frequent releases, touring, licensing, merchandising, endorsements, and sponsorships. 

Mix and match
Not that CDs will become rare anytime soon. For all its online experimentation, Radiohead is expected to put the new record out on CD next year, shortly after the band ships an $82 "discbox" of album art, vinyl LPs, and eight bonus tracks. Another group, the Charlatans UK, will give fans its new record for free in 2008, with the first single coming Oct. 22 as a digital download.

British music journal Record of the Day collected some 3,000 responses in its online poll of what consumers paid for Radiohead's In Rainbows, finding that about half offering the band nothing. The rest said they'd given £5 or £10, or $10.20 to $20.40. Others said they'd paid what they assume an artist receives from a typical CD — 10% to 20% of the retail price — Record of the Day Managing Director Paul Scaife said in an e-mail. "First time I've paid for an album in years," posted a purchaser from Britain, who said he'd paid £5. "I'm paying in part because I love this kind of original thinking — though I don't see it as a solution to the music industry's woes."





Assassin Soldier Recordings is proud to present for the first time Ødriscoll from England. This artist is delivering very powerful and dark sounds and atmospheres, just pure dark and bangin´ Techno or the dance floor.

+++ Original Cover art /painting by: Frida Toledo . +++


Interview Sionni

English / Deutsch

I am really happy that – after a while – I got the chance to do an interview again. This time with a very interesting DJane who plays amazing sets. A big welcome to Sionni!


Sionni, tell me a little bit about yourself.


Hi. I was born in a small city (ZVOLEN) in the middle of Slovakia surrounded with beautiful nature. Since I have been a small girl I have always been connected with music and dance. I used to dance 15 years in local folk group. My love was dancing on the stage till my health problems stopped it. At the moment I am studying at university, working, traveling and nature is my second home.

When did you start Djing and why?


My father is a passionate music collector so I had music education since I have been a little girl. My brother is playing the guitar in his metal band. My cousin plays in jazz band so we are all influenced by music. My first touch with turntables was in 2007 when I was 14. I started playing on private events in the best club in that area. I am lucky that I lived in an era when a DJ had to bring his vinyls and there was not such a rivalry between DJs and it was more about respect and support.


Why is music so important to you?



Every artist is putting his thoughts and feelings to his masterpiece. Someone is writer, someone a painter, someone needs music to set his body and thoughts free and focus on something more spiritual. I always say: “Every track has its story.” While listening to it you can get into artist thoughts and feelings what he/she felt while producing it. I just need to listen.



Which are your 5 favorite artists and why?


I focus on other genres not techno. My biggest favorite artists are Ludovico Einaudi and Paul Kalkbrenner. Artists, whose tracks got story and soul. Then some DNB artists like Lenzman and Hybrid Minds or more dark ambient styles like Sorrow, Phaeleh or more optimistic like Jan Blomqvist or The XX. Those artists always rise my current mood :). In the techno genre I have no favorite artists and i always looking for new names.


What has been your most touching moment you have experienced as a DJ?


When I was younger I went to a party where Robin Jaydee performed. I used to play a lot of house music those days, when EDM was starting to get big. On that party I was the only one who really enjoyed his set and after he finished he came down to shake my hand and to thank me. Then he added me on FB. He is always posting my videos and pictures from big events with words: One day we met on one stage on same event.


A few years later we played together on big event Apokalypsa in Czech Republic where I played warm up set before artists like Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Derrick May, Shifted, Toky and many more. Robin played on the house stage that night but of course we had been in touch before the party. We both enjoyed the party and he did not forget to say: “You see, I told you!”



Tell me something about the electronic music scene in the Czech Republic.


I will try to divide it briefly. In the Czech Republic I play mostly techno, as I belong to the Czech booking,”Maximal.cz“. The Czech scene is bigger, as there are more tourists in the capital or other smaller towns; clubs with different styles – usually DNB, house, techno and commercial EDM.


Compared to Slovakia, there are only a few clubs in the capital for the underground scene; the rest of Slovakia prevails in the style of EDM. In Slovakia, especially during the summer, I can play at nice, small events with family atmosphere, sunset and deep music.


I really love it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of DJs and saturation in the market; that’s why the people are not able to recognize styles, which is a problem for the DJ himself or is a problem of commercial radios. But for the defense of both sides, there are many great artists, the people in our country do not know but they are very successful abroad.


What is your perfect idea of happiness?


I have been thinking a lot about this one. At the moment I am preparing myself for final exams so I hope to finish the university soon haha :). I am 24 so it’s time to move on and be healthy and happy.


What do you most value in your friends?


Everyone got plenty of friends but only a few are the real ones. Those I value most always stay by my side. They are happy and extrovert people who always make me smile even in hard times.


Is there anything else you want to say at the end?

Thanks for your invitation and interview and I hope to see you soon again. 


Ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ich – nach einiger Zeit – endlich wieder die Möglichkeit hatte, ein Interview zu machen. Dieses Mal mit einer sehr interessanten DJane, die fantastische Set spielt. Willkommen Sionni!

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Israel Toledo - Special Podcast for FingR86



It´s time to lose your head with this special Podcast of Israel Toledo recorded this time for FingR86


- Many thanx to all of you for listening and download

- Many thanx to FingR86 and his great work supporting Techno!

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Go away with The Hype, Music is First!

Luckily, I understand where Bandcamp is coming from. The idea is that their relationships with Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms are SOOOOO key - trendy shit, that they cannot rock the boat with any of those outlets. And I get that from a big picture perspective.  But from the individual artists’ point of view, does it really help them all that much to have a featured placement on iTunes? 
It’s cool and fun for a week or a day, but this goes away and doesn’t really “move the needle” all that much.  And ultimately Apple keeps the data, takes 30% and knows exactly who the user/fan is while the label and artist are kept in the dark regarding this info.
Ok, so most of the people don’t know what Bandcamp is.  It’s not a social networking profile or website; it’s a digital sales platform.  No problem, we’re all here to educate and help each other out for the greater good of the artist. My response? “I don’t know if it makes sense to post an iTunes link to Bandcamp.” 
Bandcamp is a place to sell digital music and many of the fans are there because they aren’t fans of the iTunes experience or model. I’m happy to share the info with you all as well as corresponding statements if that works for you. 
Therefore why aren’t we all leading with Bandcamp for content releases?  They of course do promotions as well.  It’s a question I wanted to pose and will continue to try as right now, what Bandcamp is doing makes the most sense for fans, artists and the industry at large with regard to modern music releases.
Bandcamp makes it easy for fans to directly connect with and support the artists they love. Their global music community enables fans to discover and connect with artists and record labels, and directly compensates them for their work. 
Bandcamp believes that music is art, and for music to thrive, artists must be compensated fairly and transparently for their work. Their fair trade music policy means when you choose to pay an artist on Bandcamp, your money reaches them quickly, and in a way that is simple to explain and understand. Here are some of the ways Bandcamp benefits fans, artists & labels:
·         Artists: Sell music and merchandise directly to your fans with total control over pricing and timing. Easy access to your customers’ data (including email and location), real-time stats, connect to labels, fully customizable template pages, music chart reporting and more.
·         Labels: Easy to customize label and artist template pages, unified accounting and stats across all your artists, a single editing interface for your entire catalog, support for merch fulfillment, direct payments, connect to existing artist accounts, tap into a giant thriving music community and a whole lot more.
·         Fans: Instantly access the music you’ve purchased, either via streaming or the optional high-quality download, buy vinyl, CDs, tickets and t-shirts directly from artists, follow your favorite artists and labels, keep a wish list, showcase your collection and explore the music of like-minded fans.
We believe that music should be available in all possible formats and not be limited to a selected few people.  I took this idea to what I consider to be a very forward thinking indie label. A label with a great roster of like-minded artists and styles.  
It made me realize, why aren’t labels like the one above LEADING with Bandcamp on their content rollouts? They take a smaller margin (15% going down to 10% over 5k USD in sales) and you collect data including contact info from your fans. Artist aside for a moment, what a no brainer for a label that has a particular brand and vibe of like-minded fans to build their business with this key contact information from each purchase.
    We´re very happy with our Bandcamp store!! 🖤

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This set shows and explains perfectly how now a days I feel,  l live and I dream Techno. join me in this 1hr. ride through my mind!.


- Many thanx to Techno Scene Channel and his great work supporting Techno!

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8th and 9th Artists in the ASR Compilation

We are back in Germany and are happy to present you two new members of the ASR family: Stage & Coffee.
The project consists of Stev Dive and Andreas Reising, who are part of the electronic music scene with several tracks and party events for more than a decade.
Their track for our Assassin Soldier Recordings Compilation is called Mod Two M. It is a perfect track for clubs and festivals with really nice baseline sounds.
Please welcome Stage & Coffee!
Wir sind zurück in Deutschland und freuen uns, euch zwei neue Mitglieder der ASR Familie vorzustellen: Stage & Coffee.
Das Projekt besteht aus Stev Dive und Andreas Reising, die seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt in der elektronischen Musikszene mit Tracks und Party Events vertreten sind.
Der Track für unsere Assassin Soldier Recordings Kompilation heißt Mod Two M. Ein perfekter Track für Clubs und Festivals mit einer wirklich schönen Bassline.
Herzlich Willkommen Stage & Coffee!

Fake people, Falschen Leuten!


Say no to fake people. (English, German below)


Almost every day you can hear or read about tracks stolen from artists, stolen samples and…..nothing. It seems people nowadays don’t care anymore if someone stole a track from another artist and makes a “big hit” out of it.


Can this be true? How can it be that people steal music, change their names, use a silly mask or dress colorful and say that they are professional DJs and producers? And even worse: Some of them have the support of well-known booking agencies.


In recent years I have seen a bunch of pseudo producers who are calling themselves “great producers” producing “bombs”. And when you finally listen to the release you find out that they only use samples they bought or downloaded for free.

I am sure that you have some names in your mind and I am sure some of you already released stuff like this. These puppets do their shows with their live acts or their – trendy and stupid name nowadays – hybrid sets.


It’s a SHAME to see these people doing a complete FAKE SHOW at the stage, getting a lot of money, cheating the promoters, the labels and most important, the people who believe in them.


What happened to these days when a truly LIVE ACT was really amazing (it doesn’t matter the music style) because all the machines and sequencers and all the gear they had on stage? What happened to these days when real DJs spent a lot of time training their skills and spent tons of hours digging for great tracks? What happened to these days when REAL PRODUCERS spent several hours, days and sometimes weeks in the studio just to get the perfect sound for their own tracks?


It seems that everything changed in the music business. It seems that the music is not important anymore. It seems that the most important thing is how good, trendy, funny, dark or stupid artists look on stage. It seems that it doesn’t really matter if the artist is only playing a mix CD or a DJ set from someone else. Or if this “amazing live act” was previously recorded. It doesn’t matter if this pseudo artist has five machines on stage but only uses the “play” button on the laptop. The thing that matters is to have the DJ booth filled with colored lights in the machines, right? So people could say: “Hey this guy has a lot of gear, so he/she is cool…bro!”


It looks that everything is damn apparel on the stage, a lot people don´t care or they have no memory at all about ALL THESE FAKES!


As I said:

"As an artist, you have to work respectful with the labels who trust in your music, with the promoters who trust in your work, but most important...with the people and fans outside who believe in all your work and who believe totally in you!"


Real producers who creates their own music and productions with their own knowledgement without sample libraries and tricky dumb things...they have my entire respect and support.


Say no to fake people! 



Sag nein zu falschen Leuten (Deutsch)


Fast jeden Tag hört man etwas über Künstler, die Tracks von anderen Künstlern stehlen, die Samples stehlen, und was passiert? Nichts. Es scheint, dass es den Leuten heutzutage egal ist, ob jemand einen Track eines anderen Künstlers stiehlt und dann einen „großen Hit“ daraus macht.


Kann das wirklich wahr sein? Wie kann es möglich sein, dass Leute Musik stehlen, ihren Namen ändern – dann beispielsweise blöde Masken benutzen oder sich farbenfroh kleiden – und sagen, dass sie professionelle DJs oder Produzenten sind? Und noch schlimmer, dass einige von denjenigen auch noch Unterstützung von bekannten Bookingagenturen bekommen.


In den letzten Jahren habe ich eine Menge Pseudoproduzenten gesehen, die sich selbst als großartig bezeichnen und „Bombenhits“ produzieren. Und wenn man sich schließlich das Release anhört, merkt man schnell, dass sie nur Samples verwenden, die sie gekauft oder kostenlos runtergeladen haben.  


Ich bin mir sicher, dass ihr einige Namen im Kopf habt und ich bin mir sicher, dass einige von euch auch diese Tracks schon released haben. Diese Clowns machen dann ihre Live Act Show oder – heutzutage ein trendy aber dummer Name – ihre Hybrid Set.

Es ist sehr schade zu sehen, dass diese Leute eine komplette Fake Show auf der Bühne abliefern und dafür eine Menge Geld bekommen, die Promoter und auch Labels verarschen und das schlimmste, auch die Fans, die an diese Künstler glauben.


Was ist mit den Zeiten passiert, als ein richtiger Live Act noch wirklich erstaunlich war (und es ist egal von welchem Musikstil wir sprechen), mit all den Maschinen und Sequenzern und all den Geräten, die auf der Bühne benutzt wurden? Was ist mit den Zeiten  passiert, als noch ein echter DJ stundenlang seine Fähigkeiten trainierte und auch stundenlang nach großartigen Tracks suchte? Was ist mit den Zeiten passiert, als ein echter Produzent Stunden, Tage oder Wochen im Studio verbracht hat, nur um den perfekten Sound für seine Tracks zu produzieren?


Es scheint, dass sich alles im Musikgeschäft verändert hat. Es scheint, dass die Musik nicht mehr wichtig ist. Es scheint, dass das wichtigste ist, wie gut oder trendy oder lustig oder dunkel oder dumm ein Künstler auf der Bühne aussieht. Es scheint, dass es nicht wichtig ist, ob ein Künstler nur eine Mix-CD oder ein DJ-Set eines anderen Künstlers spielt oder ob sein „fantastisches“ Live Set vorher bereits aufgenommen wurde.


Es scheint egal zu sein, dass Pseudokünstler fünf Maschinen auf der Bühne stehen haben und dann nur „Play“ auf dem Laptop drücken. Das einzige, was wirklich wichtig zu sein scheint, ist eine volle Bühne mit blinkenden Maschinen, richtig? Damit die Leute sagen können: „Hey, der Typ/die Frau hat jede Menge Geräte, deshalb ist er/sie cool…Bro!“


Es sieht so aus, dass alles nur noch eine oberflächliche Show auf der Bühne ist; und vielen Leuten ist das egal. Oder sie können sich an diese Schwindelei nicht erinnern.


Wie ich schon sagte:


Als Künstler kannst du nicht respektlos mit Labels umgehen. Sie vertrauen in deine produzierte Musik. Als Künstler kannst du nicht respektlos mit Promotern umgehen. Sie vertrauen in deine Arbeit. Aber das wichtigste…du kannst nicht respektlos mit deinen Fans umgehen, die an deine Arbeit glauben und letztendlich an dich glauben!


Echte Produzenten, die ihre eigenen Sound produzieren, ihre Produktionen mit eigenem Wissen kreieren, ohne Sample Bibliothek und anderen dummen Sachen….diese Produzenten haben meinen vollen Respekt und meine volle Unterstützung.


Sag nein zu falschen Leuten!


Larix and Israel Toledo

Let’s go on with our next two artists of the Assassin Soldier Recordings compilation. Larix from Poland is our next artist we would like to present you.
He has developed his own recognizable style. Drawing from industrial, dark and often broken sounds of techno, Larix’s sets are dynamic, consistent and at the same time very surprising.
He released his first track on Assassin Soldier Recordings called Shape Elements. The track with its deep sound fits perfectly to underground clubs. A big hello to Larix!
Und weiter geht es! Heute wollen wir euch zwei weitere Künstler unserer Assassin Soldier Recordings Kompilation vorstellen.
Unser nächster Künstler ist Larix aus Polen. Über die Jahre hat Larix als DJ seinen eigenen erkennbaren Stil entwickelt. Seine Sets sind dynamisch und entstehen aus dunklen und oft gebrochenen Techno-Sounds, die sich gleichmäßig aufbauen und trotzdem überraschend sein können.
Sein erster Track auf Assassin Soldier Recordings heißt Shape Elements. Mit seinen tiefen Sounds passt der Track perfekt in die Underground Clubs. Ein großes Hallo an Larix!
Our next artist on the ASR compilation is label owner Israel Toledo with its track Intruder. The track is produced in a Detroit Techno style and is perfect for playing at the clubs.
Der nächste Künstler auf unserer ASR Kompilation ist Labeleigentümer Israel Toledo mit seinem TrackIntruder. Der Track ist im Detroit Techno Stil produziert und ist perfekt für Techno Clubs.



Sixth Artist on the ASR Compilation

Please welcome back Lathan! On his journey through space and time he did another stop over here to present us his new track for the Assassin Soldier Recordings Compilation.
The track is called Giving Pain and is characterized by its analogue and acid sounds produced in a module synth environment.
Herzlich willkommen zurück Lathan! Auf seiner Reise durch Raum und Zeit hat er kurz für uns angehalten und uns seinen neuen Track für die Assassin Soldier Recordings Kompilation präsentiert.
Der Track heißt Giving Pain und besticht durch seine analogen Acid sounds, die mit einem Modulsystem produziert wurden.

Fifth Artist Announced - ASR Compilation

Today we stop over in Norway. A big hello to Henrik S, who already released an EP on ASR before called Galaxen EP.
His style can be described as hard hitting space techno, which is influenced by numerous DJs like Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Kereni or Kyle Geiger.
The track on the ASR compilation is called Seig Mening. This track reminds us on the characteristic techno sound from Northern Europe with a lot of percussion structures.
Heute stoppen wir kurz in Norwegen und begrüßen einen alten Bekannten, Henrik S. Vor einiger Zeit veröffentlichte er seine EP Galaxen auf ASR.
Seinen Stil kann man als harten, spacigen Techno beschreiben, der von vielen DJs, wie Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Kereni oder auch Kyle Geiger beeinflusst wird.
Sein Track auf der ASR Kompilation heißt Seig Mening und erinnert uns an den charakteristischen Sound aus Nordeuropa mit vielen Percussions.

Fourth Artist Announced -ASR Compilation



English version / German below
Our next artist lives on the other side of the planet, so, let’s go and visit him in Waterford, MI.
DJ and producer Annix TM has been honing his own sound of Techno music since the 1990s. His production work ranges from funky to dark to mechanical but always nodding to the sound and spirit of his birthplace and lifelong home of Detroit. You can expect his DJ sets to explore all eras and flavors of techno while being mixed with precision, speed, and force for maximum impact.
His first collaboration with the label is the track called Durga Mata on the ASR Compilation 2017.
Please welcome the new soldier of the family and enjoy his music!
- Bandcamp:  Click here!
- Beatport:     Click here
Unseren nächsten Künstler lebt auf der anderen Seite des Planeten Erde, also lasst uns nach Waterford, Michigan, reisen.
DJ und Produzent Annix TM hat seit den 1990er Jahren seinen eigenen Technosound entwickelt und verfeinert. Seine Produktionen können als funky, dark oder mechanisch bezeichnet werden und stehen immer in Klang und Spirit zusammen mit seinem Geburtsort und langjährigen Heimatort Detroit. In seinen präzise gemixten DJ-Sets kann man alle möglichen Techno Genres wiederfinden.
Die erste Zusammenarbeit mit ASR Label ist der Track Durga Mata, den ihr auf unserer ASR Kompilation 2017 finden könnt.
Ein großes und warmes Hallo an unser neues Familienmitglied! Viel Spaß beim Hören!
- Bandcamp:  Click here
- Beatport:     Click here


3rd Artist Announced -ASR Compilation

Leaving the Netherlands we are travelling back to Germany and do our next stop in Bremen. Our next artist we would like to present is Michael Lambart. He already appeared on the label in a series called The Versus Series with the track Stahlauge and a remix for Israel Toledo’s Dynamic Ducker.
He started with Techno in 1992 and is playing Darktechno and Deeptechno nowadays. He is also known as Harrisburg, GEN2.7, Neuromanzer, Paranormal, Snuff Daddy, DE-CR.
His new track on the ASR Compilation is called Warm Up. Welcome back, we are very happy to have you again on the label.
Website: http://michael-lambart.de
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michael.lambart.1
Bandcamp:  Click here!
Beatport: Click here
Wir verlassen die Niederlande und reisen weiter nach Deutschland. Unser nächster Stop ist in Bremen, wo wir Michael Lambart treffen, den nächsten Künstler auf unserer Compilation. Bereits vor einiger Zeit war Michael Lambart an der EP-Serie von ASR The Versus Series mit seinem Track Stahlauge sowie einem Remix von Israel Toledos Track Dynamic Ducker beteiligt.
Michael Lambart begann 1992 mit Techno und spielt heute Darktechno und Deeptechno. Es ist außerdem bekannt unter den Künstlernamen Harrisburg, GEN2.7, Neuromanzer, Paranormal, Snuff Daddy, DE-CR.
Sein Track auf der ASR Kompilation heißt Warm Up. Willkommen zurück Michael, wir sind sehr happy, dich wieder an Board zu haben.
Website: http://michael-lambart.de
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michael.lambart.1
Bandcamp:  Click here!
Beatport: Click here



Wednesday was the day!
Our third compilation Assassin Soldier Recordings (ASR) V/A has been released.
We are very happy to present you several new artists on our label as well as old acquaintances. In the past weeks we already started to introduce to you all the compilation artists and will of course go on with it in the next weeks.
So join us in the travelling through space and music genres and enjoy the definition of unique music of each artist on the compilation.
Read you again with the presentation of the next artist!
Bandcamp:  Click here!
Beatport: Click here
Seit Mittwoch ist es endlich soweit!
Unsere dritte Compilation Assassin Soldier Recordings (ASR) V/A ist erhältlich.
Wir freuen uns sehr, euch einige neue Künstler auf dem Label sowie alte Bekannte präsentieren zu können. In den vergangenen beiden Wochen haben wir euch bereits Künstler der Kompilation vorgestellt. In den nächsten Wochen erfahrt ihr mehr über die restlichen Künstler.
Kommt mit uns auf eine Reise durch Raum und Musikgenres und genießt die Definition von einzigartiger Musik von jedem Einzelnen auf unserer Kompilation.
Bis zum nächsten Mal mit dem nächsten Künstler!
Bandcamp:  Click here!
Beatport: Click here



English version / German below
In our travel around the world we are stopping today in Middelburg, Netherlands.
We are very happy to present you the next artist of the compilation: Monoteck (Mario van Acker), a 29-year old Techno DJ and producer.
His sound can be described as pounding, deep rhythmic techno, sometimes melodic, sometimes dark. Monoteck is currently working really hard in developing his style of techno music and creating his own career within the dance scene.
The track “Tonight” will be his first release on AS Recordings. Welcome in the ASR family!
Bandcamp:  Click here!
Beatport: Click here
Auf unserer Reise um die Welt machen wir heute Halt in Middelburg in den Niederlanden. Wir freuen uns sehr, euch den nächsten Künstler unserer Compilation vorzustellen: Monoteck (Mario van Acker); ein 29-jähriger Techno DJ und Produzent.
Sein Sound kann als hämmernder, rhythmischer Techno beschrieben werden, manchmal melodisch, manchmal dark. Monoteck arbeitet derzeit sehr hart daran, seinen eigenen Stil in der Techno Musik zu entwickeln und seine eigene Karriere voranzutreiben.
Der Track „Tonight“ ist Monoteck’s erste Veröffentlichung auf AS Recordings. Willkommen in der ASR Familie!
Bandcamp:  Click here!
Beatport: Click here



Jaimy Smink

English version / German below
We are happy to inform you that on September 20th 2017, the third Assassin Soldier Recordings (ASR) V/A Compilation will be released.
With our compilation we present you music around the world. 13 artists from Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, USA, Belgium and Norway will present their definition of fine Techno music.
You can find numerous Techno music sub-genres, perfect to play in a club or festival, from really deep techno to pounding & rougher techno for peak hours!
Enjoy the music and come with us to get to know the artists a little bit more. In the next weeks we are presenting you each artist from the compilation.
Our first artist today is Jaimy Smink from Belgium. Loyal fans of the label already know him, as he released his first EP – Midgar EP – on ASR last year.
This charismatic producer and DJ has had a long lasting relationship with electronic music and is a name to look out for. He was born in Arnhem, Netherlands, but grew up in Antwerp, Belgium. He draws inspiration from these different cultures. This diversity led up to his driven and deep sounding productions.
Jaimy Smink’s style can be described as a combination of rough, deep and rhythmic thrills. The name of the track for this compilation is Phosphorus.
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Endlich ist es soweit, am 20. September 2017 wird endlich die dritte Assassin Soldier Recordings V/A Compilation veröffentlicht. Wir freuen uns sehr darüber.
In dieser Compilation präsentieren wir euch Musik aus aller Welt. 13 Künstler aus Deutschland, Niederladen, Mexiko, USA, Belgien und Norwegen werden euch ihre Definition von feinster Techno Musik vorstellen.
Ihr könnt zahlreiche Techno Genre hören, die perfekt sind für einen Club oder ein Festival. Von Deep Techno bis zu hämmernden, rauen Beats ist alles dabei!
Genießt die Musik und kommt einfach mit uns in den nächsten Wochen, damit ihr die Künstler hier auch persönlich kennenlernen könnt.
Unser erster Künstler ist Jaimy Smink aus Belgien. Treue Fans des Labels kennen ihn schon, da er seine erste EP – Midgar EP – auf ASR im letzten Jahr veröffentlichte.
Dieser charismatische Produzent und DJ ist schon lange mit der elektronischen Musik verbunden; ein Name, auf den man achten sollte. Er wurde in Arnhem, Niederlande, geboren, wuchs aber in Antwerpen, Belgien, auf. Beide Kulturen inspirieren ihn bei seiner Musik und begründen seine treibenden Produktionen.
Jaimy Smink’s Still kann als eine Kombination von rauen, tiefen und rhythmischen Sounds beschrieben werden. Sein Track für die ASR Compilation ist Phosphorus.
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When the Clock Marks 3 a.m


Do you know the feeling when - after a long time - you see something again with which you connect marvelous hours of listening music?


Yes, you suddenly start to have this broad grin on your face and start daydreaming.


The same happened to me when I listened about ZYX Music again. Oh, what fantastic Techno music they released several years ago. Quite sure that some of you still have ZYX releases at home.


The more delighted I was to see that in the past years ZYX Music started to release fine Techno music again. Several DJs did some nice Techno sets which are timeless.


One of the new releases is “Assassin Soldier Session” mixed by Mexican DJ Israel Toledo. You can enjoy tracks from Lathan, Electrorites, Ixel, Bas Mooy, Israel Toledo and many more.


Thumps up!



Kennt ihr das Gefühl, wenn man – nach langer Zeit – etwas wiederfindet, mit dem man wunderbare Stunden mit Musik hören verbrachte? Genau, plötzlich hat man dieses breite Grinsen im Gesicht und beginnt zu träumen.


Das gleiche passierte mir, als ich wieder etwas von ZYX Music hörte. Dieses Label hatte vor vielen Jahren unvergessliche Techno Musik veröffentlicht. Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass einige von euch noch ZYX Veröffentlichungen zuhause haben.


Umso erfreuter war ich, dass ZYX Music in den letzten Jahren wieder Techno Musik veröffentlichte. Einige DJs haben wunderbare Sets veröffentlicht, die zeitlos sind.


Eine der letzten Veröffentlichungen ist „Assassin Soldier Session“, gemixt vom mexikanischen DJ Israel Toledo. Im Set von ihm kann man Tracks von Lathan, Electrorites, Ixel, Bas Mooy, ihm selbst und vielen anderen genießen.


Daumen hoch!


An alle meine Freunde aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz:

Ich danke euch für all eure Unterstützung in den vergangenen Jahren; ihr habt diese Mix CD auf ZYX Musik möglich gemacht.


Die CD ist erhältlich in Geschäften und online in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz bei: Media Markt, Saturn, Müller, JPC, Amazon und Deejay.de

Video Preview

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Who is?


The Assassin Soldier Recordings family has a new member: Lathan!


Who is this person? A good question. He comes from outer space, directly from Alpha Centauri galaxy. A wanderer through space and time.



He brings us music, pure Techno music.  Unique analogue sounds echoing through the universe and create for us a deep experience of mind filling beauty. 


His only passion is Techno music. No publicity, no social media is important to him. He just wants to make the people dance and dream. Music is his communication.


Lathan will release his first digital album called “First Contact EP” on Assassin Soldier Recordings. Pure analogue Techno sounds without compromises. Nine tracks with killing beats and spherical sounds. 


Enjoy this journey together with us through galaxies and back!



Welcome Lathan!  


The Sound of the Females Suzanne Ciani

At International Women’s Day I realized that suddenly a greater interest for women in electronic music could be seen in social media. I ask myself why it needs a certain day to find out that there is more in electronic music. 


We all know that women in music are often underestimated. That’s a pity. In the past decades until today there are very talented girls or women who contributed a lot in the electronic music.


Suzanne Ciani is a great example. She is known for her compositions on the Buchla Analog Modular Synthesizer:

Several scores for television commercials and as well film scores were composed by her. And even with 70 years she is still performing live:


What an amazing woman. I love her work. What about you?

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Who decides which music style is culture or has to be excluded?

Exclusion. Everyone knows this word and - in the worst case - has experienced it. It was new for me that nowadays music is excluded from the culture of a city. 


What? Yes, I actually I received this statement. Not from a city’s employee. From a self-called “member” of the cultural scene. And the reason for excluding electronic music from the city culture made me realize that something is not good anymore in Germany. 


I was told that certain clubs, because of the alleged bad reputation, do not belong to the city culture. But the best was: All the DJs who played there – no matter if they are international artists or national artists – are just bad.



I don’t get this. What does a DJ have to do with the club who books him? Not that much, or? The DJ has to ensure that the audience spends a great night with good music. And for this he is paid. I am afraid I am completely wrong with this. 


And another disturbing statement was: "These clubs and the music are not part of the culture of our city." So, you exclude already music in a certain music style. Which person decides who and what belongs to a culture of a city and what not?


I wonder in which society we are living in. There are people who do not only exclude other people, because they don’t fit in their world picture, but also music styles. 


Our scene has always been defined by music, tolerance, party and cooperation. Nowadays, we define ourselves apparently by something else.


Is it like this?

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Does the number of likes or views show the quality of music?

This is an interesting question which cannot be answered with a proper “yes” or “no”. Oh, there is music which 

There is music in our world which is unique and emotional, music which brings goose bumps on your skin or music which starts your fantasies. Oh what a gift for your soul. It does not matter if the music makes you feel like dancing or relaxing or even dreaming. 


I often find new music which exactly makes me feel like I said before. And then, when I search for it either on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, whatever, I can see: 4 likes…. 16 plays….no likes….46 plays… And in our world today the most important thing for people and companies are the likes on the pages of an artist or the number of the plays of their videos or podcasts. 


This is a shame sometimes. Actually I have to admit that I had reacted in the same when I started using social media.  Uh, this artist has not so much likes so this means the music is shit. 

Mea culpa! I was often wrong, wrong and wrong. A very good friend of mine once told me: “Give the artist a chance.”  

Yes, I will.


We should not judge anything including music only by the number of likes or views. There is so fantastic music out there which you will never find because you don’t try it at least once in your life. So, next time you look for a new inspiration in music, give an artist a chance and hopefully you will find music which simply makes you happy. Correct? 

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When DJ’s meet on the turntables

True words...

Hans Christian Andersen, the well-known Danish poet and writer, once said:


“When words fail, music speaks.”


I love this quote, as it shows that music can always go further than words. And as I wrote quite a while about the music, it’s time to give you a chance to listen to it.


Enjoy this lazy Sunday vinyl session from Israel Toledo with some great tracks like:


Mørbeck - Pyramid

Alex K. Katz – Give Fire

Shlømo - Titan

Antigone - Static

Planetary Assault Systems - Dungeon

AnD - Fierce




Record Stores - Adorable Places

Last weekend I finally had the chance to visit a record store for electronic music again. After years of closing of record stores, big and small ones, this was a quite overwhelming experience. As most of you know, visiting a record store for a music lover was for all of us a special moment.


Can you remember how you felt when you entered a record store?


You opened the door and suddenly this very special feeling flew through your body. Sounds of electronic music welcomed you, and it didn’t matter if techno music, house music or drum and bass was played. It suddenly felt like coming home..

You saw in front of you hundreds of records and the only thing you really wanted was digging deep through everything to find a special gift for yourself. You spent hours in this record shop.


And then, after flipping through records and deciding for several records you went straight to the turntables. Can you remember the feeling putting the first record and push the start button?


Suddenly you hear in your headphones the typical sounds of a record. This unmistakable crackling sound when you put the tone arm on the record. And when the first track started you were diving into another world. A world full of emotions rushing through your veins and it was impossible to resist.


Oh, I love this picture and often I miss these special moments. Yes, nowadays you can sit at home; search the internet for new and good music, but it isn’t the same, right?


So, if you ever have the chance to go to a record store around the corner, just do it. You will not only find music but also like-minded people, interesting conversations and a unique culture. And you will leave with a good feeling and a bunch of new records and fantastic music.


Do you agree?

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Naked skin or skills – How to define a DJ nowadays


I did some research on new topics for the blog and I saw again that the web was flooded by pictures and videos of half-naked women behind a DJ booth, pressing the start button of the laptop and trying to put more attention to their boobs and asses instead on the music.


I started asking myself: Is this the new definition of a DJ? Does a DJ nowadays needs to have good looking instead of having a good music taste and the ability of communicating with the crowd through the music?

Can it be that the music is not so important anymore? Just to be clear, there are lots of good looking DJs – female or male – which have awesome skills in DJing. For me, a DJ needs to have the following skills: a unique music taste, fantastic mixing skills and of course the connection to his/her crowd. If he/she is good looking is really unimportant.


A DJ needs to get the connection to the crowd, this is essential. Sometimes this can work immediately after starting with the first track, sometimes this can take longer. A DJ has to know its crowd to make them a perfect evening. 


So what about the mixing skills? In my opinion you need to have it, to call yourself a DJ. Can you remember all nights you spend on the dancefloor because the DJ put some fantastic music on and it felt like the track last the whole night? What an amazing skill to mix together different tracks and different music styles and it still feels like one track. I know, nowadays the mixing skills of a DJ are not that important anymore. Many thanks to the BPM counter. 


And music taste?  I think a good music taste means putting together new and old school music, show the crowd new tracks but still take care of their taste and what they like. A perfect mixture of music makes a night at the club more interesting. Who in the hell wants to go out and listen the same music every weekend? Isn’t this getting boring at some point?


What is your opinion on this? Is the job of a DJ to give a crowd an incredible and unforgettable evening on the dancefloor? In my opinion, yes. Do you agree?


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We love music - do you?

Damn....some answers here..

I know, I know….This sentence has been answered and the question been asked a million times. But damn, the answers why we love music can be so different and personally that you could write a book about it.


So why we love music? Yeeees, scientists would talk now about the human brain and dopamine. Which is of course fair to answer? But what about that special feeling every human being has (which I hope) when listening to music. Remember when you listened the first time to your favorite song. 


You feel surprised and suddenly this warm and comfortable feeling starts to fill your body. And goose bumps start to appear all over your body. And you start smiling.


Or when you go to a concert of your favorite band and you experience one and a half hour full of emotion and happiness in which you are connected to thousands of people through the music…amazing.


Or imagine, you are in a club listening to the music of your favorite DJ and the only thing you can think of is closing your eyes and just feel the music with every part of your body…outstanding.


Or maybe you are at your darkest and saddest part in your life, where nothing seems to make sense anymore. And then you listened by accident this one track and you are thinking: “Damn, there is someone out in this world who perfectly understands what I am going through.” And all these emotions you suddenly feel in your body give you the strength to go on…you will be thankful forever.


And now after all this text I ask you: Why do you love music? Leave your comments here and let me know.


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