Dj Rush

Dj Rush - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Truly legend DJ RUSH, appears with a powerful remix on ASR...


Esteban Adame

Esteban Adame - Underground Resistance - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Esteban Adame a.k.a Galaxy To Galaxy from Underground Resistance, appears with  "Quinto Sol" on ASR... 


Angel Alanís

Angel Alanis - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Ángel Alanís delivers a powerful and floor filler remix for ASR...


Alexander Kowalski

Alexander Kowalski - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Alexander Kowalski a.k.a D_Function appears with a great and energetic remix!


Andrei Morant

Andrei Morant - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Andrei appears on "Versus Series 09" alongside Israel Toledo...



Michael Lambart

Michael Lambart - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Michael appears on "Versus Series 02" on ASR...


Mike Storm

Mike Storm - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Mike Storm delivers an hypnotic remix with his well known sound on "Blender Ep"...




Lathan - Assassin Soldier Recordings

The Modular sounds of  "Lathan", appears his EP called "First Contact"...



Annix Tm

Annix TM - Detroit Techno Militia - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Member of "Detroit Techno Militia", Annix Tm appears in the ASR compilation...



Larix - Poland - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Larix makes his debut on the ASR compilation...

Jaimy Smink

Jaimy Smink - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Jaimy is a Belgian Dj/Producer who appears with an amazing EP called "MIDGAR"

Marika Rossa

Marika Rossa - Assassin Soldier Recordings

Marika appears with a powerful remix of the track "Slaping"



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