Does the number of likes or views show the quality of music?

This is an interesting question which cannot be answered with a proper “yes” or “no”. Oh, there is music which 

There is music in our world which is unique and emotional, music which brings goose bumps on your skin or music which starts your fantasies. Oh what a gift for your soul. It does not matter if the music makes you feel like dancing or relaxing or even dreaming. 


I often find new music which exactly makes me feel like I said before. And then, when I search for it either on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, whatever, I can see: 4 likes…. 16 plays….no likes….46 plays… And in our world today the most important thing for people and companies are the likes on the pages of an artist or the number of the plays of their videos or podcasts. 


This is a shame sometimes. Actually I have to admit that I had reacted in the same when I started using social media.  Uh, this artist has not so much likes so this means the music is shit. 

Mea culpa! I was often wrong, wrong and wrong. A very good friend of mine once told me: “Give the artist a chance.”  

Yes, I will.


We should not judge anything including music only by the number of likes or views. There is so fantastic music out there which you will never find because you don’t try it at least once in your life. So, next time you look for a new inspiration in music, give an artist a chance and hopefully you will find music which simply makes you happy. Correct? 

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    Ericka M. (Tuesday, 07 March 2017 12:32)

    So so true!, congrats :)